Founder : Guillaume Téchené

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I have been a developer since 2000, initially working with C++ and Java. Then I specialised in back-end services in C# at the end of 2007. I quickly realised that delivering quality software does not necessarily depend on technical skills. After 16 years as an employee, I decided to take my destiny into my own hands by opting for freelance status, which gave me more choice and freedom in my dealings with my clients and in my lifestyle.

With over 16 years of consulting under my belt, I have come across many different business contexts that are always enriching when IT and business teams form a partnership rather than a simple client-supplier relationship. It is this point of view that I am eager to share as a company founder.


I am available via the following channels :


Craftech is my freelance IT development services business. Since 2017, I have been offering several custom services touching on both consulting (auditing, change management, training…) or using my development capabilities for your product.

The prefix “Craft” refers to the “software crafting” movement (also known as “software craftsmanship”) of which I am a member.